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You read that right, Washington States Attorney General Bob Ferguson is going up against the city of Fife for their attempt to BAN all legal pot sales within city limits. This goes against what the voters passed in November 2012 and the Attorney Generals Office says they will be fighting vigorously to defend the stability of i-502.

Why is this a BIG deal? Well if the courts rule in favor of Fife, and  is upheld at the appeals court then that would be the END of all legal pot sales in Washington State and ALL 502 operations would be terminated. WOW….

August 29th, 2014 will be the first day Judge Vicki Hogan will hear arguments from both sides and the battle will officially begin.

Stay tuned as this case develops.

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State VS city of fife…who will win?


First edible pot sold in Washington stores.

Washington States Liquor Control Board had many major delays in licensing producers (growers), processors & retailers since voters passed it in November of 2012. It’s no surprise that it’s taken until now for them to license the first commercial kitchen under initiative 502 in time for products to hit the shelves.

On August 6, 2014 Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham, WA was one of the first stores to have any infused edibles for sale. Item’s like Chex mix, Trail mix, & Carnival Nut (which the store says is a cluster bite of nuts, powdered sugar & pepper.

One of the major concerns for the States Liquor Control Board is over-consumption. We have seen it make headlines in Colorado where people have been taken to the hospital for over-consuming edibles. It’s a completely different process for the human body to digest the Cannabinoids then it is to inhale it. Thresholds are much higher for ingestion, where the inhalation has limitations on the entry into the bloodstream.

Exciting news as Washington States delayed licenses keep rolling out, keep informed by following our blog!

Cannabis Edibles in stores now!

Cannabis Edibles in stores now!

Local BHO makers getting arrested in Washington State, feds are cracking down.

Calling it “Operation Shattered”, local agencies along with federal bureaus are aiming to crack down on BHO production. This is mainly due to the alarming rise of explosions across the nation due to BHO production.

With state-wide recreational sales beginning, the spotlight is going to be on all those who are not within the legal limits of initiative 502. Washington States Liquor Control Board is the regulatory agency involved with the Sale of marijuana to all adults over 21 years old.

King County has already made some arrests and trials have began.One of the main spotlights are the owners of “Home Blown Concentrates”. They produce BHO for the Medical Marijuana market within Washington State & this is why the crackdown is beginning. The government wants to be sure that initiative 502 brings in the tax dollars we have projected and many financial advisers have advised that the Medical Marijuana system be overhauled to add a similar if not identical excise tax of 25%.

Long story short…if you or anyone you know is at home making BHO, share this with them so they can keep out of trouble!

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